News Media Roundups Overview


The News Media Roundups feature spotlights timely topics of the week, linking to editorially curated content. The most recent News Media Roundup can be accessed from the home page. One News Media Roundup is always featured at the top of the page, offering quick links directly to the timely content, such as news articles, social media reaction, or videos.


A full index of roundups can be accessed from the new main navigation menu, available by clicking the menu icon from the top left of any page.


On the News Media Roundups Index page, the full list of be sorted by date, and can now be filtered by region.


They can also be accessed via basic and advanced search, using the News Media Roundups filter. They are listed on the Media tab of the search results page. In addition, they can be accessed from the That Day in History search feature.

News Media Roundups pages include a brief description and provide links to a wide range of editorially curated content about that topic, including news articles, social media reaction, videos, editorial cartoons, and infographics. Each category of content is accessible from a separate tab.




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