Save Search Overview


Users who are logged into their User Profile can now save specific search queries to their My Content page.* This enhanced feature also allows users to assign names to their searches, and stores the saved searches alongside other saved content.

On any search results page, click the Save Search link. If you are not logged into your profile, you will be prompted to do so.




If you are already logged in, you will receive confirmation of which User Profile is being accessed, giving you the option to sign out if needed. Before saving the search, you have the option of renaming it. 


Once you click Save, your search will be added to the My Content page. 


On the My Content page, your searches will be listed alongside other saved content. Use the filter to view just your searches if desired. Click the search title and your original search will be run again.


*This feature replaces the Search History feature. Please contact support if you need to retrieve Search History entries from your folder. 

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