Advanced Search Overview


The Advanced Search link is now located on the new main navigation menu, available by clicking the menu icon from the top left of any page.


On the Advanced Search Page, you can now set Boolean operators "AND," "OR," or "NOT" by using the dropdowns between the search boxes. You can also add additional search boxes to your query by clicking the "Add Row" button. You also have the option to choose to search just the title field, or keep the default setting of title and full text. Clicking the Reset button will remove extra rows and any search terms.



You can also limit the dates for your search. The Advanced Search page offers three options: move the start or end points of the date slider, click a span of the Past 2 Weeks, Past Month, Past Year, or Past 5 Years. Or, enter a specific date range. Please note, the dates selected on the Advanced Search page do not apply to the NewsEdge content, which offers an independent date filter on the Editorials tab. In addition, undated content, such as Maps and Flags, is still returned in searches in which a date range was pre-selected.


You can choose to limit the specific content types that display in your results. The default is for all content types, and both  sources of News Articles (World News Digest and Reuters) to be included in your results.


If you start selecting content types, and you have not chosen News Articles, the Newsfeed options will be grayed out, as they only apply to the News Articles.


Advanced Search options can be set individually or in concert with each other. A search term or terms must be entered in the Search box. The Search button to start your search is located at the bottom right of the page.


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