Basic Search Overview


The Basic Search box is at the top of every page. Enter your search term and click the magnifying glass icon.

Search results are now returned on separate tabs: News, Media, Primary Sources, Reference, and Editorials.


Each tab has its own set of filters, customized to the content.



Users can narrow the date range before running the search, using the new date slider. Click on the box next to the search window, then drag the circles to your desired range. Please note that the date filters will not apply to the results on the Editorials tab, which has its own date filters. For more information, please see NewsEdge Editorials Newsfeed Overview


If your term matches any titles of the browse pages for Countries, Events, People or Topics, they will be highlighted at the top of the page as Recommended results.


You can click the matched titles when they appear beneath the search box and you will be taken directly to that browse page.








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